Woman suing Ritz-Carlton claiming employee ejaculated in her water bottle

Woman suing Ritz-Carlton claiming employee ejaculated in her water bottle

Delving into the “According to the Daily Mail” file now, and a report from California.

A married mother is suing the ultra-luxurious Ritz Carlton after allegedly being served a bottle of water containing semen.

The unnamed woman was staying at the hotel near San Francisco with her husband for her birthday in November 2022.

Rooms at the hotel cost around US$800 per night.

The woman is suing for the “horror and trauma of having been sexually assaulted and exploited” after a male worker “ejaculated” into their water.

It’s alleged a hotel employee “ejaculated his semen into a Ritz-Carlton labelled water bottle” before delivering it to their room.

The woman says she drank the water before realising it had been “defiled by a criminal deviant.”

As Jane Doe was addressing the issue with the hotel security and management representatives on duty, she began to realise that the chemical taste she had experienced was similar to semen,” the lawsuit claims.

The couple say they’ve spent over 600 nights at different Marriott-branded hotels over the years.

On the evening of November 18, the couple returned to their room after dinner and discovered they had run out of water.

The woman says she called the reception desk to ask for more.

Shortly after, a male employee delivered five bottles of water to the room. The woman placed the bottles next to her bed and went to sleep.

During the night, the woman says she woke up thirsty and drank from one of the bottles but “knew immediately that something was wrong.”

She woke her husband and the couple then called hotel management.

The woman says she was “mortified, terrified, embarrassed, and humiliated, but shared her suspicion with her husband, who then asked the hotel security and management representatives to call the police.”

The hotel preserved the water for testing at her husband’s request, and police arrived to take statements.

The claim says the water was sent for testing and on January 12, hotel management confirmed the water bottle had been defiled with semen.

The complaint of sexual battery and negligence has been brought to a district court in Northern California.

However, the Daily Mail is reporting the hotel is refusing to engage with police and has only offered the couple “a few measly Marriott rewards points.”

The lawsuit alleges that “the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott International have refused to turn over the defiled water bottle” therefore DNA can not be obtained from the sample.

The claim says the “deviant whose sexual proclivity was forcing people to drink the semen of a man who was not their partner or spouse.. remains unidentified, uncaptured, and his ongoing sexual deviance unabated.”

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Javier Acosta told Mercury News that the sheriff’s department conducted a welfare check at the hotel at the time of the incident following a report that a woman claimed she drank from a bottle of water that tasted like chlorine.

He said the woman refused medical attention and declined an offer to involve a poison control centre.

Ritz-Carlton did not respond to media inquiries.

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