People like what you say? We want you!

People like what you say? We want you!
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    Calling all the trendsetters, trailblazers, megaphone holders and those with a bit of sway!

    Have you got something to say and an audience with ears bigger than an elephant’s? We’re on the lookout for those with influence (and not just travel influencers) to speak at Travel DAZE Exec: the TED Talk of the travel industry!

    Travel DAZE Exec is the leading forum for the most influential minds in the industry. It’s where the crème de la crème of travel comes together to hear from award-winning journalists, travel industry pioneers, authors, public figures, influencers, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and much more.

    We want you (for Travel DAZE Exec, not for World War 1)


    What’s more is that this year’s Travel DAZE will take place in Cairns alongside the Southern Hemisphere’s largest marketing retreat, Cannes in Cairns. Perfect for schmoozing with ad execs, marketing mavens and creative masterminds!

    If you like the sound of Travel DAZE Exec and reckon you’ve got a bit of sway behind you, please email

    And if you’re not jazzed up about the whole affair just yet, then check out a wrap of Travel DAZE 2022 right here.

    We can’t wait for the absolutely unmissable event!

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