Midweek Interview

Midweek Interview with Turtle Island’s Racheli Evanson

This week, we went one on one with Turtle Island’s marketing director. But that’s not to say we engaged in a physical fight or dance-off with her.

The challenge for the industry is…

Helping travellers understand the differences between the premium end properties in Fiji. As one of Fiji’s only privately-owned Islands bought by my dad nearly 40 years ago, we have treated all our guests as family since day one and get a huge repeat visitation.

With only 14 bures, we are small and get to know everyone by name. One of our guests recently referred to Turtle Island as the ultimate in “shipwrecked luxury” and I think he is right.

The things I like about my job are…

Sharing the story of Turtle Island, working with amazing people and having the opportunity to see how the Turtle Island experience truly touches the lives of our guests.

And the frustrations are…

Trying to meet everybody’s expectations can be challenging being a remote property.

If I didn’t work in travel, I would be…

A fiction writer.

My favourite airline is…

Fiji Airways.

My proudest moment was…

Helping Turtle Island win the No.1 Resort Hotel in the South Pacific in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2019.

The naughtiest thing I ever did was…

I live a naughty free life!

I try to relax by…

Disconnecting from the digital world – spending time away from my phone and being present in nature.

The last time I feared for my life was…

Earlier this year when I came down with an awful fever.

If I can, I always try to avoid…

Negative thoughts and worrying.

I really wish I had…

A dog.

The best advice I’ve ever received was…

Don’t compete, be unique – my father would always say this about running Turtle Island, especially as it was never intended to be a resort.

I don’t understand why people…

Seek the same types of food they eat at home when they’re in a different country.

My greatest weakness is…

Food delivery services.

And my greatest strength is…

Being open-minded.

If I won a $1 million lottery (aside from travelling), I would…

Put it back into Turtle Island by building an epic conservation centre complete with a resident environmental team and also use it to run classes to educate the local community on marine and wildlife conservation.

I would also invest in innovative programs and new technologies to help continue to make Turtle Island a more sustainable property. We are already making a difference on a smaller scale but $1M would help to escalate the programs!

If I was prime minister, I would…

Make climate change action our highest priority.

If I could be someone else for one day, I would be…

Oprah Winfrey.

I’ve always wanted to travel to…


My favourite holiday was…

Exploring the Whitsundays on a sailboat last year.


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