Midweek catch-up with Chevalier Paris’ Sophie Bochaton

Midweek catch-up with Chevalier Paris’ Sophie Bochaton
Edited by Travel Weekly

    Travel Weekly had the pleasure of catching up with Sophie Bochaton, the general manager of Chevalier Paris, whose ever so stylish essence had us feeling a touch under dressed.

    TW: Tell us about your role at Pavillon?

    After several years of supervising Pavillon de la Reine and Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain I have just been appointed in July 2023 the General Manager of all four hotels and two restaurants in Paris belonging to the Chevalier family.

    My role is to maintain the high quality of our four charming, boutique hotels, ensuring a high level of service and a dedicated, motivated team of caring staff at each hotel.

    TW: What are your key priorities for 2023 and beyond?

    To be ready for the Olympics next year.

    To keep up with all the projects and investment within our hotels and restaurants by our owners, the Chevalier Family. There is always something new.

    This Spring we plan to open a new apartment with private entrance on our courtyard at Pavillon de la Reine.

    Next year we plan to renovate our Michelin star restaurant and create an amazing new terrace.

    And we always have our eyes wide open to consider new hotels for our Collection as soon as we have a “coup de coeur”.

    TW: What is the purpose and personality of the “Chevalier Paris” brand and how do you, your staff and/or your guests live and breathe these values ? 

    Each hotel is superbly well located and has its own story along with its own style and character, while they all share the core value of offering the ambience of a “private home”.

    We offer luxurious hospitality with a boutique feel.

    Our staff are enthusiastic and strive to offer an authentic experience for our guests.

    TW: What’s the biggest trends and opportunities in the industry at present? 

    Quiet luxury I would say. Quiet, understated luxury refers to a concept of taste that prioritizes elegance and personalized service.

    In contrast to traditional luxury, which may emphasize glitz and grandeur, opulence and conspicuous displays of wealth, quiet luxury takes a more restrained approach.

    Quiet luxury travellers prefer peaceful and chic environments where guests can unwind and indulge in a sophisticated way. They often prefer boutique hotels that offer a high level of service and exclusivity while maintaining a sense of intimacy.

    TW: What do you see as the biggest threat to the global travel industry right now

    To be able to contain mass tourism and yet maintain a high level of service so that the guest experience is not affected.

    And in France, to deal with the strikes sometimes!

    TW: How do you think Pavillon differentiates itself from other hotels in the market here in the Paris? 

    The fact that we are privately owned by one family and have always displayed family values from the day we first started.

    It gives a special feeling to the hotels that no big brands can easily replicate.

    TW: What is the one thing you’d like Australian travel agents to know about Pavillon hotels?

    That we offer fabulous locations and an authentic Parisian experience.

    Offer your clients the experience to live like a local with a unique chic way of life.

    TW: What keeps you up at night?

    My daughter Juliette.

    TW: How do you relax? 

    I love to run and escape Paris on week-ends, spend time with my family, and travel of course as soon I can.

    TW: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about yourself or the about Pavillon?

    Our director of sales, Vanessa Jacquiot, is coming to Sydney and Melbourne at the end of October for sales calls with our Sales Rep. Sarah Whitty, and they are very excited to showcase our properties!

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