Meet the travel agent to the stars

Meet the travel agent to the stars

Working in travel is a dream that is envied the world over. Though Jaclyn India, founder of Sienna Charles, a boutique travel firm for the ultra rich, may be able to one up us all.

At the ripe old age of 35, India has ticked off bucket list must-dos that would make Oprah jealous.

According to a recent interview with Forbes, India has travelled with the Bushs, arranged a private breakfast on top of the Arc D’ Triomphe, brought in a private yacht into the Galapagos, organised a private viewing of the Mona Lisa and secured last-minute sumo wrestling tickets, all without breaking a sweat.

India began her career at Le Bec Fin, an iconic five-star restaurant in Phildelphia.

Speaking to Forbes she said, “People were spending ten times as much for a trip as they were for one meal at Le Bec Fin, yet nobody was looking at details in a start-to-finish way like they did at the restaurant.”

“I thought, ‘What if I could create the most amazing customized luxury service, but for travel?'”

And so she did in 2008.

Sienna Charles specialises in working with clients that routinely spend $500,000 on a single trip and boasts a customer pool that ranges from CEOs to bankers and of course, Presidents and First Families.

According to the article, India charges $1,000 for a hotel reservation, which includes India’s selection of the property and room and any transfers needed.

It’s $2,500 for more complex requests, and if clients need her full attention, they will put Sienna Charles on retainer for $36,000 a year.

When asked what’s possible for her charges, India responded, “Anything’s possible if you’re willing to pay enough”.

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