Sydney Opera House amongst the most financially successful landmarks in the world

Aerial View of La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Eixample district of Barcelona Spain
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    The landmarks across the globe that are estimated to bring in the most ticket revenue have been revealed in a new study – Sydney Opera House ranks second, with an estimated revenue of A$490m – according to Bounce.

    The travel experts at Bounce analysed the entry prices and visitor numbers for the world’s most loved landmarks to find those expected to generate the most ticket revenue in 2023.

    Landmarks expected to bring in the highest ticket revenue:

    1 Burj Khalifa – United Arab Emirates


    Entry Price: A$68.36
    2022 Visitor Numbers 17,000,000 
    Estimated Revenue : $1,162,000,000

    2 Sydney Opera House – Australia

    Sydney, Australia – Melbourne 25, 2018: Sydney Opera House view with the light on at dawn.

    Entry Price: A$45.02
    2022 Visitor Numbers 10,900,000
    Estimated Revenue : A$490,690,804

    3  Empire State Building – United States

    Image source: iStock/Shooter_Sam

    Entry Price: A$68.36
    2022 Visitor Numbers 4,000,000
    Estimated Revenue : A$273,439,660

    4 Ha Long Bay – Vietnam 

    Entry Price: A$20.01
    2022 Visitor Numbers 11,600,000
    Estimated Revenue : A$232,090,248

    5 Palace of Versailles – France


    Exterior of the Palace of Versailles before the crowds arrive.

    Entry Price: A$33.35
    2022 Visitor Numbers: 6,900,000
    Estimated Revenue : $230,089,470

    6 Louvre Museum – France

    Entry Price: A$28.34
    2022 Visitor Numbers 7,726,321
    Estimated Revenue : A$218,997,585

    7  Eiffel Tower – France

    Entry Price: $36.68
    2022 Visitor Numbers 5,800,000
    Estimated Revenue : A$212,749,394

    8 London Eye – England

    Entry Price: A$50.02
    2022 Visitor Numbers 3,500,000
    Estimated Revenue : A$175,068,075

    9 Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy

    Entry Price: A$33.35
    2022 Visitor Numbers 5,000,000 
    Estimated Revenue : A$166,731,500

    10 La Sagrada Familia – Spain

    Entry Price: A$43.35
    2022 Visitor Numbers 3,781,845
    Estimated Revenue : A$163,943,699

    The landmark expected to generate the most revenue from ticket sales is the Burj Khalifa. With a general admission entry ticket costing around €41 and over 17 million people visiting  the landmark in 2022, the Burj Khalifa is estimated to turn over €697 million in just ticket sales this year.

    The incredible skyscraper, which is located in the city of Dubai, is the tallest building in the world, standing at 2,722ft tall. 
    In second place is the Sydney Opera House, which is located in the city of Sydney in Australia.
    Over 10.9 million people visited the landmark in 2022, and with a tour ticket costing €27, it is estimated that the Sydney Opera House will earn over €294 million in ticket sales this year. 
    The landmark expected to make the third-highest revenue from ticket sales is the Empire State Building, in New York. 
    With ticket prices starting at €41 and over 4 million people visiting the landmark each year, the Empire State Building is estimated to earn €164 million yearly in ticket sales alone.

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