Midweek Interview

Midweek interview with The Datai Langkawi’s Celine Maginel

This week, we got up close and personal with The Datai Langkawi’s director of sales and marketing… until she requested we sit further away.

The challenge for the industry is…

To adapt quickly to the world’s changing economic, political and environmental issues.

The things I like about my job are…

I am never bored, I learn new things every day and I meet fabulous people.

And the frustrations are …

Twenty-four hours a day is way too short to do all I want to do.

If I didn’t work in travel I would be…

Working in a non-government organisation and helping single moms and kids all over the world.

My favourite airline is…

The one flying me to my beloved places and people.

My proudest moment was…

In Brasil, I gave faith back to this wonderful lady struggling to support her whole family as her husband just lost his job. We met for a half-hour, but ever since we are in touch. She is convinced I’m an angel. Her husband found a job again and they are very happy.

All she needed was some support from a total stranger.

The naughtiest thing I ever did was…

In Egypt, I sneaked in a closed temple. I was stunned by the beauty of the place, was definitely worth it.

I try to relax by…

Any place with good energies but especially in The Datai Langkawi’s rainforest.

The last time I feared for my life was…

In a plane.

If I can, I always try to avoid…

Conflictual situations.

I really wish I had…

The power to clean our planet and make every single person on this Earth realise that tomorrow it will be too late.

The best advice I’ve ever received was…

Always believe in yourself and run for your dreams. Nothing’s impossible!

I don’t understand why people…

Don’t respect our planet ☹

My greatest weakness is…

I love people.

And my greatest strength is…

I love people.

If I won a $1 million lottery (aside from travelling), I would…

Open an art gallery for anonymous artists whom I would discover in secluded places of the world ( I would then combine my passion for travel, my love for art and my need to help others).

If I was prime minister I would…

Do all I can to educate my peers to the environmental issues we are all facing.

If I could be someone else for one day I would be a…

Buddhist monk in Tibet.

I’ve always wanted to travel to…


My favourite holiday was…

Brasil, alone. I ended up celebrating New Year’s eve on the beach with a family of 30 learning about all their traditions. Something money can’t buy.


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