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10 reasons to become a travel agent

There’s no industry like the travel industry – and of course you all know it, because here you are working in it!

We could’ve come up with 50 reasons why you should be a travel agent, that’s how rewarding and unique this career path is! But instead we scoped the best 10 reasons that agents’ jobs are diverse, valuable, and never dull, to give you a little reminder why your job rules.

From creating your own business and client portfolio, to enjoying the work perks and support of major travel agencies, there’s nothing quite like being a travel agent.

  1. Travel agents are well travelled

Being a travel agent not only means you’re huge fans of travel, it also means you’re likely to get a few trips under your belt – for “research purposes”.

Whether that’s jetting off on famils, getting to experience destinations, hotels and tours at discounted rates, and enjoying annual network conferences, agents definitely don’t just sit behind a desk (or coffee-shop table, if you’re mobile!)

This means they’re much more knowledgeable than your everyday OTA.

They’re like your own personal Wikipedia, brimming with facts and always accessible, but even more reliable.

We all deserve a little wanderlust

  1. Seriously – agents are everywhere!

Ever noticed how many travel agencies peek out at you from inside Westfields, the main street of the city, or your local neighbourhood? It’s basically the most mobile (and well travelled) profession out there!

And from a customer perspective, there’s so many to choose from that there’s never an excuse not to use one. Especially one that comes to you.

Like MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ can meet you at your favourite coffee shop, in between school pick-ups and drop-offs, on your lunch break, or after work.

And for a lot of time-poor travellers, the flexibility of having your very own mobile travel agent come to you makes this profession even more valuable.

  1. It’s a highly valued profession

Travel agents are those revered, respected professionals who can – at the drop of a hat – list off a number of cruise lines, tours, destinations and hotels they’d recommend to you.

They ask your interests, get a feel for what you like, and create an A+ holiday from this knowledge, not from an algorithm online.

Travel agents seek the best deals, services and upgrades for clients, and for the smallest of fees, often no fee at all!

Your regular traveller has about 10 minutes of booking experience with an OTA. We know who we’d choose if we were a customer…

  1. Travel agents have a legacy

When you’re booking with an agent, you’re not just booking with one person; you’re going with the history and reputation of a longstanding brand like MTA – Mobile Travel Agents.

For travel agents, it means knowing that when you’re doing business, out and about, or working with multiple clients, you’ve got a sturdy umbrella brand to back you up when needed.

For clients, that’s a huge win, because they know every trip they sign off on comes with a reliable company guarantee in addition to the agent’s promises.

And it’s the same for both mobile and in-store agencies. The home-based networks like MTA come with their own big branded backing and support, meaning there’s always someone on hand to help a client out.

Traveler's accessories and items with black notebook

  1. You get to do what you love

This means they’re passionate and invested. If travel is your jam, then obviously being a travel agent means spending your time doing exactly what you love doing – researching and planning travel.

It’s not for everyone, but for those who love a challenge and love the smile on their client’s face when they return from a truly memorable trip, why wouldn’t you be a travel agent?!

What’s even better is when your agency network lends a hand on the ‘non-income producing work’ to keep you doing what you love. MTA, for example, has a support office that takes care of all the day-to-day office functions, so you can focus on your passion.

  1. You’re creating amazing memories

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when a client comes back from holidays and tells you just how much they loved their trip, and how grateful they are that you made it happen.

What’s even better is when you really know your clients – their anniversaries, milestone moments, their bucket list aspirations – and you can make experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. Travel agents are NOT dying

Despite what some big online travel companies might say (ahem, Webjet), travel agents aren’t going anywhere.

Travel agents offer plenty more than the OTAs, they understand clients better, they personalise things, and they do it all with expert knowledge, a smile, and quality service.

This means you’re working in a field with longevity. And while some brick-and-mortar stores might suffer setbacks, one area that’s thriving more than ever is the mobile travel agent business.

The flexibility, low overheads, and independence mean your business won’t suffer the threats bigger stores face, and your unique service is more valuable to customers.

And when you work with companies like MTA, you can eliminate overheads – ATAS, rent and staff costs– and enjoy the benefits of having admin, marketing and IT support services from the comfort of your own home.

Young couple in love planning a trip with laptop

  1. You’re never alone

Whether it’s support from a larger head office or the backing of big in-store brands, working as a travel agent is never just a one-man show.

In addition to head office support, you get stacks of training, conferences, incentives and networking events to keep you educated and constantly mingling with other agents in your community.

  1. You still get holidays

Whether it’s a big company or a small franchise, you’ll still get to go on all kinds of non-work-related adventures.

If it’s just you, it can be a bit trickier, however most mobile agency networks have systems in place to let you have some time away from clients and your emails.

At MTA, for example, they have an Assistance Team who take care of clients when agents are away, so they can truly relax and enjoy their time off.

The Assistance Team also pitches in when life delivers unexpected emergencies and you can’t manage bookings.

  1. You earn what you want

It’s not every job that you can pick and choose projects to suit what you want to earn, is it?

Well, being a travel agent is no ordinary profession!

Agents make money from commissions, particularly if you’re in a mobile-based business, and they range from smaller pay packets to big luxury bonuses.

So if you’re less focused on making mega bucks, and more focused on a work/life balance, you can choose to say no to clients and their potential commission. Vice versa, if you want extra cash this month, taking on extra customers will help you achieve your financial goals.

When you’re a travel agent, such as MTA, you’re in total control of your own income!


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  1. My wife and became Japanese tourism/travel agents after we lived in Fukuoka for two years, started

    to be an experiential blog then when we returned we studied with a
    Japanese partner and have an agency based in Colorado as Terra Firma
    Services LLC and Nihon Scope Japan – In Japan. Great career honestly
    especially for us 🙂 we love Japan.

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