WATCH: Tourism Ireland launches global campaign with heart-warming ad

WATCH: Tourism Ireland launches global campaign with heart-warming ad

After months in development, Tourism Ireland has launched its first major global campaign since 2011.

An industry-first, the ‘Fill your heart with Ireland’ campaign has been created by the heart-rate data of two of its visitors.

Tourism Ireland invited a real married couple (who had never visited the island of Ireland before) to take a trip on the island, wearing custom-made technology to track their physiological responses along the way.

The couple were hooked up to covert heart-monitors, which were linked to a head-mounted camera that captured all of their experiences. The data provided by these heart-rate monitors determined what footage featured in the advertising.

The result is a campaign that proves the heart-filling effect that the island of Ireland has on its visitors, whether they are kayaking in Achill Island on the west coast, exploring Devenish Island’s monastic sites in Northern Ireland, or climbing the highest sea cliffs in Europe at Slieve League on the north-west coast.

The campaign launches Tourism Ireland’s new brand proposition: “Fill your heart with Ireland”.

“Our new campaign, ‘Fill Your Heart with Ireland’, presents Tourism Ireland with a great opportunity to drive continued growth to the regions next year and to encourage visitors to travel off-peak,” Tourism Ireland’s manager for Australia and New Zealand, Sofia Hansson said.

“It will feature locations that have been less visited by overseas visitors and will also highlight outdoor activities like cycling, walking and kayaking.

“We are confident that our new campaign will set the island of Ireland apart from our competitor destinations and help deliver another record year for overseas tourism in 2019.”

Tourism Ireland is focusing the new campaign on destinations that most viewers will not be aware of. The campaign showcases 17 less-well-known locations across the island, with all of them affecting the heart rates of our couple.

This goes to show that even the hidden gems, just as much as the obvious attractions, can excite, inspire and entertain.

“This is the world’s first-ever marketing campaign to use tourists’ biometric data to design an advert,” Tourism Ireland’s central marketing director, Mark Henry said.

“We have combined data and creativity to literally show how the island of Ireland fills visitors’ hearts with positive emotion.

“The ad has researched extremely positively because viewers can see it is clearly authentic and credible, and it motivates them to want to travel to Ireland to experience this for themselves.”

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