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Okay, by wiser we mean older, and by older we mean over 50s. We also mean more worldy than you (sorry).

Well, over 50s are over international worldly travel, it seems, and are opting for more domestic routes in their travels.

But how many over 50s really travel, you ask.
Well, according to a new national study, three in five Aussie golden oldies plan to use all their extra time in the future to travel more.
Commissioned by Apia, an over 50s insurance company, the study found that almost 50 per cent would choose domestic travel over international travel.
Geoff Keogh, Head of Apia Customer Value, said that today’s over 50s were travelling basivcaslly the same amount they did when they were younger, mostly to expand upon their huge life experience.
“Over 50s are too often perceived as unwilling to try new things and push the boundaries of their comfort zone, however the reality is that they’re curious, self-motivated and eager to continue learning through travelling to uncharted territories,”  he said.
The Apia study also found that amongst over 50s who plan to travel more in the future, 88 per cent gave answers related to personal growth, with the most common reason being to explore new places.
One over 50s couple exploring new places all over Australia are Alison and Peter, both in their 60s and retired.

“Alison and I have always loved adventure, so we often go on multi-day walks and kayaking trips to discover new locations that wouldn’t otherwise be possible if travelling by car”, said Peter.

“Our desire to explore what our beautiful country has to offer began to really develop after 50 and we’ve never looked back,” Alison added.

The couple’s top 10 Aussie adventures are not for the faint-hearted, but come with some killer experiences:

Kayaking Lucinda to Mission Beach, QLD

Palm trees along Mission Beach in Queensland, Australia.This seven-day trip starts in Lucinda, QLD and heads on up the eastern coast of Hinchinbrook Island to Wheeler Island, Gould Island and finally ending in Mission Beach, QLD.

“It was one of our favourite trips – clear waters and white sand of the pristine beaches along QLD’s east coast.” Alison and Peter said. 

Yuragir Walk, NSW

yuraygir-coastal-walk-05This beautiful five-day coastal walk begins in Angourie, NSW and finishes in Red Rock, NSW and takes you through quaint villages along the east coast of NSW.

Fraser Island Great Walk, QLD

DSLR Panoramic picture of a beach and sand dunes on Fraser Island Landscape, Australia.This six-day walk goes through the lush forests and stunning lakes of inland Fraser, making it an absolute joy of a trip and one the couples faves.

Kayaking from Cooktown to Lizard Island, QLD

Like a jewel in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef lies Lizard Island (first place where Captain Cook landed). A paradise for scuba diving.“One of the most thrill-seeking trips to date, we loved this six-night adventure from Cooktown through to Lizard Island.  The challenge is worth it, as Lizard Island was one of the most magical places we’ve ever seen,” Alison and Peter said.

The destinations along the way are remote and secluded, with most of your time spent out in the open ocean with absolutely no land in sight.

Great Ocean Walk, VIC

Aerial view of the Great Ocean Road with Gog and Magog rock formations, Victoria, AustraliaThis seven-day walk along the iconic coastline of the Great Ocean Road is worth the trip. The beautiful walk is a unique experience through the best that nature has to offer: beaches, cliff-top views and natural rainforests.

Great South West Walk, VIC

The serene Glenelg River, Victoria, Australia“We began this walk in Portland and travelled along the coastline to Nelson, VIC and then back along Glenelg River.”

Although this walk is one of the most challenging at 250kms and 13 days with unpredictable weather, it was also one of the most rewarding with beautiful scenery along the secluded destinations.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Walk, SA

Old Jetty, Kangaroo Island, Australia (XXXL)This easy walk through Kangaroo Island provides beautiful scenery and excellent campsites across a five-day adventure.

Green Gully Track, NSW

Gordon River (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Strahan, Tasmania, AustraliaThis four-day walk through Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is packed full of history – the couple stayed in cattleman huts and took in the rugged countryside of NSW.

Western Arthur’s Traverse, TAS

Shot of a young couple hiking along a trail in the mountainsThis seven-day walking tour goes through Western Arthur’s Traverse into the remote and rugged wilderness – and is exciting challenge that will push any traveller out of their comfort zone.

Moreton Bay paddling tour, QLD

Tangalooma shipwrecks on Moreton IslandThis six-day kayaking tour runs through Moreton Bay from Cabbage Tree Creek to South Stradbroke in QLD.

“It took us up through the Western side of North Stradbroke and the South Passage to Moreton giving us beautiful weather, stunning marine life and great camping spots along the way,” Alison and Peter said. 

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