Qantas A330 makes “loud bang”, pilots forced to shut down one engine

Melbourne Australia- March 14, 2014: Qantas airplanes wait for departure at Melbourne Airport

A Perth-bound Qantas flight made a priority on Monday night as pilots were forced to switch off one of the plane’s engines.

Passengers reported hearing a loud bang on Qantas Flight 781, which landed safely at Perth Airport around 9:37 pm, 52 minutes late.

Emergency services met the plane on arrival at the airport, although it taxied to the gate on its own and passengers disembarked as usual.

Qantas confirmed one of the plane’s engines had an issue approaching Perth, “The pilots followed the procedures for this type of incident and manually shut down the engine and requested a priority landing.”

“These aircraft are designed to safely operate with one engine.

“The aircraft landed safely and without further incident in Perth.

“We know this would have been unsettling for customers on board and we thank them for their cooperation and understanding.”

The Airbus A330-200 will be inspected by Qantas engineers.

Tony Lucas, president of the Australian and International Pilots Association, said pilots demonstrated professionalism in the handling of the emergency.

“The safety of our passengers, crew and cargo is always the priority for any pilot and we rigorously train for these unlikely scenarios,” The Western Australian, reported.

“The QF781 crew displayed great professionalism, skill and expertise in delivering a safe outcome for everyone.

“This incident demonstrates that having two well-rested and well-trained pilots on the flight deck is the best safety feature available to aviation.”

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