Boeing cleanout: CEO, chair to go as safety crisis plagues the manufacturer

Boeing cleanout: CEO, chair to go as safety crisis plagues the manufacturer

The CEO of Boeing, David Calhoun has announced he will step down from the top job at the end of the year as multiple top figures announce their departure from the embattled manufacturer.

The chair of the board, Larry Kellner and the head of the commercial planes business, Stan Deal will also leave the company following a series of safety/structural mishaps in recent months.

The first event, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 747 emergency landing at Portland International Airport after a hole approximately the size of a refrigerator emerged in the side of the plane, causing the cabin to depressurise.

In weeks to follow, the Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair backed the manufacturer’s safety, but sent a team of engineers to inspect the Irish carrier’s order of Boeing aircraft under construction. On Monday, he welcomed the “much-needed” management changes,” Reuters, reported.

Calhoun signed on as CEO of Boeing following two crashes in 2018 and 2019 that killed a total of 350 people. He was initially supported by executive figures in the business, though production delays and details of manufacturing issues from regulatory bodies is thought to have soured feelings.

Boeing may find yet itself in deeper trouble as The US Justice Department (DOJ) conducts further examination of the manufacturer’s compliance with an agreement signed following the two deadly 737 Max crashes.

It is understood that should Boeing be found to have violated a 2021 agreement when handling the Alaska window blowout, criminal charges could be laid.

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