Agents come out of their shells at P&O’s turtle hatchery event

Agents come out of their shells at P&O’s turtle hatchery event
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    P&O Cruises Australia delighted 20 of its trade partners with an unforgettable private hatchery session at the Queensland Museum, coinciding with Brisbane’s esteemed World Science Festival.

    The exclusive event offered a rare opportunity for attendees to witness Loggerhead Turtles emerging from their eggs within transparent incubators before making their way into expansive saltwater aquariums.

    The immersive encounter underscored P&O Cruises Australia’s dedication to its partnership with the Conflict Islands Turtle Conservation Initiative (CICI), a recipient of their Pacific Partnerships Program.

    This program funds initiatives to support the Pacific Island communities they regularly visit. The collaboration is committed to preserving the marine ecosystem and safeguarding endangered turtle species.

    Through involving local communities in conservation endeavours, such as tagging over 1,200 turtles for research and successfully releasing over 13,000 turtle hatchlings, the initiative strives to secure the long-term survival of these magnificent creatures.

    Agent’s getting it on the fun. (Supplied)

    “Being able to witness these baby turtle hatchlings allows us to shine a light on the wonderful efforts of our charity partner, the Conflict Islands Turtle Conservation Initiative, as well as P&O’s commitment to protect the places and seas we sail,” key account manager, P&O Cruises Australia, Erin King, said.

    Accompanied by Curator Patrick Couper and other esteemed turtle experts, attendees gained valuable insights into the importance of sustainable practices in mitigating the impact of microplastics on incubating sea turtles.

    In a delightful surprise for guests, the experience was further enriched by ADA, an interactive sculpture that fosters engagement with primal forms of communication through mark-making, creating a moment of unity and connection for all participants.

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