It’s everything ocean cruise for the first week of Cruise Month!

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    Cruise Month is underway, helping to celebrate the approach of the summer cruise season with a fleet of deals, cruise promotions and competitions throughout the month of October.

    This week is Ocean Cruise Week, the first of four weekly themes highlighting the increasingly diverse choice of cruising styles available in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

    Subsequent weeks will showcase River Cruising, Expedition Cruising and Luxury Cruising.

    An annual initiative by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), Cruise Month brings together cruise lines and travel agents to showcase cruise options for Australasian travellers, helping to inspire their next holiday at sea.

    Throughout October, CLIA travel agents will be able to explain the latest cruise offers available to Australians and New Zealanders and assist them in selecting the best cruise line to suit their travelling style.

    CLIA has launched a Cruise Month Competition for Australian and New Zealand cruise fans this year, giving them a chance to win $1000 towards their next cruise when booked through a CLIA-accredited travel agent.

    Travellers can also find cruise ideas and inspirational cruise coverage in the weekend travel sections of major newspapers and other travel publications.

    CLIA managing director in Australasia Joel Katz said Cruise Month would herald the start of a busy summer cruise season in Australia and New Zealand.

    CLIA managing director Australasia Joel Katz (Supplied)

    “Around 70 cruise ships will sail in Australian and New Zealand waters over the course of the summer peak, which is likely to make 2023-24 a record season for cruising in this region,” Katz said.

    “The number of people having holidays at sea is at an all-time high and the diversity of cruising styles available now means there’s more choice than ever before, so there really is a cruise to suit every taste.

    “Ocean Week will help launch Cruise Month with a focus on all the things we love about cruising – the ability to visit multiple destinations easily, the inclusion of meals and entertainment in one fare, and the incredibly social atmosphere on board.

    “More than a dozen brand new cruise ships have launched worldwide this year, which means today’s oceangoing fleet is more modern, more innovative and more spectacular than ever before.”

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