Airline staff go above and beyond to make little boy’s day

Airline staff go above and beyond to make little boy’s day

In extremely heartwarming news, an airline has made a young boy’s day after he tragically lost his favourite teddy bear just before Christmas.

According to a Facebook post written by his mother, Grayson Mulligan lost his teddy over the Thanksgiving break on a flight to New Orleans with his father.

Chrissy Mulligan, Grayson’s mother, reached out to Southwest, the airline Grayson flew with, on social media asking if they could find the lost toy to no avail.

On 4 January, however, Mulligan posted to Facebook and said she received a call from a man who works for the airline’s corporate office.

“He told me the FB post that I posted on Southwest’s Facebook page caught a lot of attention. Not only on the FB page but also on many levels of private Southwest pages,” Mulligan said.

“It caught so much attention that it went to the executive level. They put Adam who works for Southwest exclusively on finding G-man’s Teddy. He reached out to many, many people within the organization even the three flight attendants on his flight.

“He said that there was a grey area from when the flight attendant found Teddy to when she gave him to someone at the New Orleans airport. Teddy was never turned in to the lost and found.”

Mulligan said from there the airline talked internally about the next steps and came up with an idea to send Grayson a new teddy bear, complete with a storybook of how he came to live with his new family.

“It’s been a busy holiday season here at Southwest Airlines, and I’m almost all done with my work here. Guess what!? I get to come live with you!” the story reads.

“I’m so excited about meeting my new best friend. I wanted to share some pictures of what I do at Southwest and my trip to meet you!”

The book shows photos of the new teddy bear, named Jack, directing planes on the runway, inspecting the cockpit and getting the plane ready for passengers.

“As I’ve said before, every single person I’ve come into contact with myself from Southwest Airlines has been amazing!! A few even sent Grayson Southwest “Flight Attendant” bears,” Mulligan said.

“I can’t say enough about this airline and how much effort they put into this. Adam explained they take these things seriously. Keep doing what you do Southwest Airlines, you have some amazing individuals working for you with huge hearts!”

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    1. good on you Southwest, the best U.S. airline by far. Would never happen at Qantas. Everyone at Qantas, thinks they are far too important, just ask Jetstar staff.

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