Innovation to spearhead Emirates growth strategy

Innovation to spearhead Emirates growth strategy
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Innovation will play a major role in ensuring continued growth for Emirates, with the Dubai-based airline confident its performance will reflect that of its home city as it strives to double visitation by 2020.

Speaking to media at Arabian Travel Market, vice president Australasia Barry Brown highlighted the growing appeal of Dubai as a key factor in the airline’s future success.

“As Dubai grows its hotels, its attractions, the airline is expanding its footprint around the world,” he said. “We will continue to innovate, that is the success of the airline, and Dubai also innovates as well so we’re hand in glove with Dubai.”

Brown insisted that the ‘sky is the limit’ for Emirates as he outlined future goals for the airline onboard offering.

With achievements under its belt including being the first commercial airline in the world to have showers aboard planes, Brown said Emirates has already surpassed most customers’ expectations. He promised it will continue to do this as he hinted at a future new product features.

“We’ve got 43 A380s in the active service, with an additional 93 to come. We will offer this product worldwide, and for us it’s all about privacy, like the private suites we’ve developed, and there will be further enhancements to our products as we move forward.”

On board product is not the sole focus for the airline as it looks to the future. It is seeking to reestablish itself not just as an airline but also as a brand.

Brown highlighted sponsorships as one of the main initiatives for achieving this. Emirates now has deals with range from local sponsorships with communities like Collingwood Football Club, to the FIFA World Cup and the Formula One Group.

Social media will also play an important role in helping the airline connect with the Gen Y source market. A recent example was the digital campaign featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele.

“It’s about continuing to evolve, how to talk to our customers, how to interact with them. Digital media is so strong. Gen Y has shifted their buying habits, so we’ve got to get on top of that,” he said.


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