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Must see islands in 2017!

A list of some of the most picturesque holiday islands around the world that are a must-see for those planning a trip in...

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SELL your way to Tahiti

It’s easy as 1,2,3! Here's how to turn a daydream into reality.

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How to sort your Seychelles

First of all let’s banish the elephant in the room. Seychelles is pronounced like seashells except the sey is pron...

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Islands of Africa: Mauritius (1)

Don’t let the 160km of white-on-blue beach fool you, this is the island you have to visit if you are after a hefty...

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Islands of Africa: Madagascar

If Madagascar can make David Attenborough effusive by his normally measured standards then it has to be pretty special. ...

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Islands of Africa: Zanzibar

The very name Zanzibar evokes the exotic – this is paradise with a kick. Renowned as the Spice Island, even the co...

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Cooks' Aussie challenge continues

The challenge for the Cook Islands remains the fact that it is still "a relatively new destination", according...

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The 3 Loyalty Islands

The Loyalty Islands make up 10% of New Caledonia. They are not developed for mass tourism and as such they suit the trav...

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Islands of Koh Samui

While most tourists fly into Koh Samui, one of the most relaxing ways to travel to the popular Gulf of Siam island is by...