WEBINAR: World Expeditions on how you can shape the future of adventure travel

WEBINAR: World Expeditions on how you can shape the future of adventure travel
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    World Expeditions’ mantra – ‘Big adventures, small footprint’ – is the basis of an upcoming webinar presented by professor, mountaineer, rafter and musician Jean-Claude ‘JC’ Razel.

    Adventure enthusiasts and travel industry professionals are invited to register now for the enlightening free online event, sponsored by World Expeditions, to be held on World Tourism Day, September 27, 2023, at 6pm.

    In a world where travel has become synonymous with exponential growth, Razel urges travellers to change the narrative. His message challenges conventional thinking, emphasising that travel should be about what destinations truly need, not just what customers want.

    Razel will present a ground-breaking vision for the future of travel, one that places the environment and local communities at the forefront. He provides a case for his vision, calling upon travellers and travel CEOs to listen and act. In fact, he has many ideas that travel CEOs will not want to hear.

    Jean-Claude ‘JC’ Razel

    “We are very proud to sponsor this free webinar on World Tourism Day to help spread Jean-Claude’s important message to our vibrant travel community. This is a talk that every traveller, every travel agent and every travel company needs to hear,” commented Sue Badyari, CEO of World Expeditions Travel Group.

    “Since our inception in 1975, our ‘big adventures, small footprint’ travel philosophy has always been to provide high quality adventure holidays focus on minimising our impact and a commitment to supporting local communities at every level of the operation.

    “Our vision is to work together with travel providers and adventure travellers to truly make a difference and shape the future of adventure travel. I firmly believe that Jean-Claude’s webinar event is a vital step towards achieving a more sustainable travel industry.”

    Razel will address the impact of travel on the world today. He offers practical solutions and strategies for travellers to make responsible choices to ensure that adventures cherished today can be passed down to future generations.

    Razel’s engaging and unique delivery made his address at the Adventure Travel World Summit in 2023 the most talked-about keynote in the event’s history. He has been in popular demand since.

    Register here to access the Zoom link for this exclusive webinar event or receive the recording afterward.

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