WATCH: bizarre woman does yoga routine mid-flight

WATCH: bizarre woman does yoga routine mid-flight

Flying on any flight is almost always a crowded experience, so the last thing you’d expect to see is someone performing a yoga routine in the middle of the aisle.

But, on a recent flight – and not even a long-haul one, we might add – a woman was spotted bending and twisting herself into all sorts of yoga positions, without a care in the world for what was going on around her.

Caught on film, and promptly uploaded to YouTube, the woman wore headphones, and occupied a space up the front of the flight, most likely causing rows 1-5 a bit of awkwardness.

There’s no confirmation of which flight she was on, but the plane seems fairly small when you watch the clip, meaning it’s hardly a mammoth trans-Atlantic kind of deal, where you can often get away with more odd behaviour in order to gain some small skerrick of comfort.

Anyway, enough chatter, check out the video below or here to get some inspiration for your next mid-flight stretch routine, should the mood take you.


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