Revealed: The one product to always bring on a flight

Revealed: The one product to always bring on a flight

If you’re going on a plane, most people know exactly what to bring.

Comfortable clothes, a neck pillows, maybe some sleeping meds.

But did you know that what you should really be packing is sunscreen?

Neither did we.

But now that we think about it, it makes sense. Planes are spectacularly bright.

Speaking to the Sun Online Travel, Sweta Rai from the British Association of Dermatologists said: “Pilots are at higher risk of skin cancer and sun-induced damage as they sit in bright light.

“The windows they sit at when piloting the plane are huge and as a result they wear sunscreen as standard. But passengers on flights should take heed and do the same.

“The window next to your on a plane may be small, but you’re closer to the ozone layer on a flight by tens of thousands of feet. The sun’s rays are much more harmful at this level and we should all be wearing sun cream when flying.”

Rai also recommends to continually reapply sunscreen every two hours while flying.

“People complain that they have burned even with sun cream on. If you’re not reapplying it every two hours, this will happen. And if you’ve been in the water, you need to reapply every 40 minutes.”

“You need to put it on so it’s covering a thin film over your body on all exposed sites an hour before you fly. You want a thin film on your face, neck, chest — whatever is exposed.

“The clothes you wear don’t always give you full sun protection. Moisturise everywhere are you’re going to feel generally quite dry when you’re on a flight.”

Are you a stickler for SPF moisturiser and foundation? Well, you might be in luck.

“Make-up in itself can give you some protection. But it won’t give you as much protection as a full SPF30 of course — unless you use an SPF30 foundation.”

Slip slop slap everyone!


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