Virgin Australia rubs rocker up the wrong way

Virgin Australia rubs rocker up the wrong way
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Australian rock star Jon English took to Facebook at the weekend to “name and shame” Virgin Australia after his guitar arrived in Sydney in pieces.

The musician had flown in from Coffs Harbour for the Summer Rox the Harbour concert on Sunday.

“Sadly, although I arrived in Sydney in one piece, my guitar did not,” English posted on Saturday evening.

“Well, it’s just not good enough Virgin. In fact it’s downright appalling. What are you going to do about it I say?”

Not only did English blame Virgin’s baggage handlers for smashing his guitar, but he also held them responsible for destroying a fellow band member’s $5000 keyboard.

“Time to name and shame. Let’s see what happens from here…” he wrote in the Facebook post that soon went viral.

Virgin swiftly responded that they were looking into the incident, and offered its apologies.

It’s not the first time that Virgin has been at the receiving end of the social media wrath of a celebrity.

In December, Russell Crowe vented at the airline via Twitter, furious that his kids had not been allowed to pack their hoverboards as luggage prompting the fiery Gladiator star to vow never to fly with the airline again.

“Ridiculous @VirginAustralia,” Crowe raged online. “No Segway boards as luggage? Too late to tell us at airport. Kids and I offloaded. Goodbye Virgin. Never again.”

Virgin was in fact just one of a number of carriers around the world, including Qantas, which banned the controversial segways in December after faulty battery chargers caused several hoverboards to catch fire.





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