VALO Hotel & Work wins best hotel in Finland, sets the standard for hybrid model hotels globally

VALO Hotel & Work wins best hotel in Finland, sets the standard for hybrid model hotels globally
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    Helsinkis VALO Hotel & Work was again awarded the leading hotel in Finland award at the World Travel Honours last week in Berlin as it continues to set the benchmark in functional, hybrid hotels.

    VALO wins at World Travel Honours. (Supplied)

    “This is a great feeling and a wonderful reward for the VALO team for their work with a great passion for our customers and the VALO story,” co-founder and CEO, VALO Hotel & Work, Hannu Holma, said.

    “A central part of VALO is bringing authentic encounters into everyday life and work.

    “This sets an ambitious goal for the concept and the staff. I am grateful for the recognition, which indicates that we have done something right in front of our customers.”

    What is VALO Hotel & Work?

    VALO Hotel & Work is a modern, multi-purpose hotel and workspace concept that uniquely combines accommodation and a work environment. The first VALO opened in Helsinki in 2020, the core of the concept, extensive service offerings, multi-purpose space use, and flexibility. This year, VALO is also competing in the Workplace Awards competition for the title of best working environment in Finland.

    Internationally, VALO has garnered recognition for its multi-purpose and sustainability, including awards such as Marie Claire UK’s sustainability competition, BREEAM certification, Sustainable Travel Finland certification, and Green Key certification.

    VALO Hotel & Work, Helsinki. (Supplied)

    Industry leader in functional, hybrid hotel/work models

    Minna Hurme, the head of design at VALO was recently invited to London’s ‘Hotel Interior Exhibition’ for a panel titled, ‘Nomadland: How can hotels prepare for the future of work?’, where she said it was, “amazing to see the interest in VALO’s dual-use concept in London”.

    Speaking at the event, Hurme commented on the design and functionality of the hotel, “VALO’s dual-use hotel/workspaces differ in many ways from traditional design typologies, especially regarding hotel rooms,” she said.

    “They combine functionally and visually the needs and ambiance of two different customer segments.

    “The core idea of VALO’s design and brand became sustainability in various forms, with additional elements of Finnish clarity, natural light, abundant details, authenticity, and changing atmospheres from one space to another.”

    Wellness area, VALO Hotel & Work (Supplied). 

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