US airline deletes “tone deaf” tweet about winter holidays, as daily COVID-19 death numbers soar

Closeup of a Delete web button. Shot with an iPhone.

A US airline has found itself in hot water after a “tone deaf” social media blunder during the country’s most devastating COVID-19 surge all year.

JetBlue tweeted a poll asking its followers where they were travelling this winter.

The post has since been deleted, but Business Insider managed to find a screenshot of it.

“Alright travel Twitter, where are you flying this winter?” JetBlue tweeted.

The poll options read “away from the snow” or “towards the snow”.

The airline’s followers were not amused by the post, with @SoCalStuff responding to the Tweet with: “Nowhere and I hope everyone else stays home too????”

@ReadersRambling echoed this sentiment with: “Nowhere… because, um… the whole pandemic thing, rising cases, all that stuff. I love you @JetBlue, I really do, but maybe reconsider this tweet.”

While @hoyboy responded with a simple “tone deaf”.

The tweet came as the CDC released an advisory asking US citizens to postpone travel or stay home during the winter holidays.

The Associated Press reported that the daily case average in the US has soared to more than 200,000 ahead of the holiday season, with daily deaths reaching 2,200.

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