“Ugliest thing on earth”: Malaysia debuts very unpopular tourism logo

“Ugliest thing on earth”: Malaysia debuts very unpopular tourism logo

Look, we’re not the type to criticise other peoples’ creative abilities.

The last time we attempted to draw something, we ended up tearing the page up in frustration.

To be fair, stick figures aren’t that easy.

Although, if you’re being paid to design a country’s tourism logo, you’d expect to go a little deeper than a 5-coloured cartoon.

But sadly, that’s exactly what has been unveiled by Malaysia.

A new tourism logo for the country, which depicts a turtle in sunglasses, a smiling orangutan and the famous Petronas Towers, is being globally ridiculed, with many calling for the designer to go back to the drawing board.

To be completely honest, we think it’s quite dorky and cute, but we can empathise with others’ disappointment.

But don’t let us shape your views, check out the design here:


Malaysia Tourism Minister Nazri Aziz said that while the logo was designed to be sweet and humorous, he can understand the criticism.

“I can’t be putting a serious logo. This is tourism and it’s supposed to be fun,” he said.

“We retained the Petronas Twin Towers as it is the most photographed tourism product in Malaysia.”

“[The animals] are symbolic to Malaysia. If we do not include those animals in our logo, other countries will claim them,” he added.

Whether or not the animals are true to Malaysia, people are not happy, with many taking to social media to voice their distaste.

malay1 malay2 malay3 malay4

Some have gone so far as to offer a new and improved version to the government.


At present, Malaysian Tourism has vowed to keep the original design.

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    1. Until I read what all the animals were, I thought the turtle was a shark!!
      I understand fun, bright, quirky, but really? Here’s a golden opportunity missed.

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