Travel desires trump financial concerns in’s latest report

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Edited by Travel Weekly has released the 2023 edition of its APAC Travel Confidence Index (TCI) today with a majority of Aussie travellers (65%) maintaining optimism for their future travel plans over the next 12 months despite financial concerns ranking highest amongst travel concerns (51%).

    Most Aussie travellers (63%) reported having no intention of postponing their travel plans, despite issues such as the rising cost of living, inflation, climate change and supply chain disruptions. Additionally, 53 per cent of these travellers not only remain steadfast in their original travel plans but intend to increase both the trips they take and their travel budgets for the year.

    The study also revealed that the need to save money currently is at odds with the incentive to travel sustainably, with just a quarter of Aussies (26%) willing to pay more for sustainable accommodation.

    The TCI 2023 research, commissioned by, surveyed over 8,000 travellers from 11 countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Conducted between April and May 2023, it presents an analysis of travel confidence and sustainability interest across APAC.

    The report also reveals four distinctive traveller personas for the first time, providing valuable insights into their prime motivations, priorities and travel behaviours:

    • Comfort Seekers (Singapore, Australia) prioritise comfort and convenience, seeking indulgent experiences and accommodations with maximum relaxation. They value personalised services, high-quality amenities, prioritising comfort.
    • Conscious Explorers (Hong Kong, India, China, Taiwan) actively pursue eco-friendly and sustainable travel. They are passionate about exploring while minimising environmental impact.
    • Mindful Voyagers (Vietnam) have a deliberate and thoughtful travel approach, driven by their sense of responsibility to the environment and desire to help local communities.
    • Homebound Pragmatists (New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Thailand) prefer practical travel and staying close to home. They prioritise convenience, efficiency, and optimising time and resources.

    A Snapshot of Aussie Travel Confidence 

    Aussies are not oblivious to the importance of managing their travel expenses effectively, and exhibit resourcefulness in planning their trips. When it comes to cost-cutting strategies, 58 per cent opt for budget-friendly accommodation options, 36 per cent choose to travel during off-peak times, 34 per cent spend less on food and activities whilst travelling, and 31 per cent select a less expensive travel destination.

    Given the current stresses of everyday life, Aussie travellers are seeking out relaxing holidays to escape from reality. They are driven by their passions, showcasing a clear appreciation for the world and its wonders. The top five things Aussie’s are seeking in 2023 are:

    1. 57 per cent are looking for captivating scenery and nature.
    2. 53 per cent are prioritising food and dining experiences.
    3. 53 per cent of Aussies are still opting for the feeling of home with the sunny, beach and island style.
    4. 44 per cent looking to visit famous tourist attractions and landmarks.
    5. 42 per cent are immersing themselves in local culture or lifestyle.

    “In the face of economic uncertainty, it’s refreshing to see Aussie’s adventurous spirit lives on in their healthy appetite for continuing to explore their own backyard, as well as the world beyond our borders” said Todd Lacey, regional manager Oceania, at

    “It’s clear that travel will continue to be a priority for Australian travellers who are thinking smartly about how they prioritise their spend so they don’t miss out on experiences. Despite being one of the last countries to return to travel in 2023.

    “To further support travel recovery and demand, we’ve invested in events such as FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand, attracting thousands of travellers into and around the country. At, we remain committed to making it easier for travellers to search, book and enjoy their perfect holiday and better experience the world.”

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