These are the top destinations for vegetarians and vegans around the world

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New research has revealed the best destinations in the world for plant-based eaters.

Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet has become much more common in Australia and much easier, with meat-free alternatives in supermarkets and herbivore friendly restaurants popping up all over the place.

However, overseas travel can still be a source of stress for those looking to avoid meat and dairy products, particularly in less developed countries.

New research from the team at Globehunters has analysed 70 of the most visited cities around the world to find out which is the best for vegans and vegetarians, looking at a variety of factors from the number of vegan restaurants to the average cost of eating out.

Both Sydney and Melbourne made it into the top five, with Sydney being home to 742 vegan/vegetarian restaurants and Melbourne hosting 548.

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London came in at number one, with a whopping 4,118 vegan/vegetarian restaurants, followed by Berlin which is home to 963.

Despite having fewer restaurants than Sydney, Melbourne ranked at third and Sydney fourth, due to the sheer number of hashtags referencing vegan or vegetarian eating, with Melbourne sitting at 163,609 and Sydney with 89,501.

The worst ranking of the 70 destinations were Macau, Johannesburg, Honolulu and Cairo, all of which scored significantly lower on the Environmental Performance index, had few vegan options and copped low scores on the Animal Protection Index rating.


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