The future of travel according to Storyation’s Lauren Quaintance

The future of travel according to Storyation’s Lauren Quaintance

Lauren Quaintance is one hell of a journalist.

Oh, and she’s one of the spectacular speakers we’ve got lined up for our one-of-a-kind, bang-on-trend forum thingy, otherwise known as Travel DAZE.

Lauren is an absolute trailblazer in journalism, and has developed an unrivalled survival toolbox to dive headlong into the future.

Bear with us this could take a while.

Today, Lauren is the co-founder of boutique content marketing firm Storyation that counts Tourism Australia, Hamilton Island and Carnival Cruises among its clients.

A former General Manager and Editor-in-Chief of Travel for Fairfax Media, ­she knows her Slovakia from her Slovenia, and spent many years being bombarded by press releases from eager travel PRs. She’ll tell you how hone your PR regardless of budget and bolster that bottom line.

Lauren has her fair share of accolades, twice named New Zealand’s Magazine Feature Writer of the Year and has won prizes for travel, historical and investigative journalism.

With more than 15 years media experience in Australia, NZ and UK including editing high-circulation magazines Good Weekend, the(sydney)magazine, Metro and Sunday magazine, Lauren knows what audiences want and how brands can start a conversation with them.

Sound impressive? Damn right it is.

So to hear more of what Lauren and many many more have to say, it’ll pay back in big dividends for you to attend Travel DAZE.

You can read more and buy tickets here.

Be there or be behind. The future is here. Your call.

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