The lesser-known spot where Robert De Niro is opening a hotel

The lesser-known spot where Robert De Niro is opening a hotel

You may know him in films as the fierce mobster with money, guns and murder on his mind, but beloved film favourite Robert De Niro has only entrepreneurship (if you can call it that) in common with his Machiavellian characters.

The star of hit films Taxi Driver, The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas and, most recently, Killers of the Flower Moon is spreading his wings with a new business venture. De Niro’s new enterprising act is with a hotel on the Caribbean island that he fell in love with after his first visit 30 years ago: Barbuda.

De Niro and his partners have plans to launch Nobu Beach Inn on the lavish island in 2025, according to Travel + Leisure. The new stay comes after De Niro and his associates launched Nobu Barbuda in December 2020; a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant famous for its black miso cod where travellers can book private cabanas with butler service.

Robert DeNiro across the years (Twitter/@NeutralZnSports)

Nobu Beach Inn will feature two and three bedroom bungalows, each with a private pool and, for most, direct access to the beach.

De Niro has high hopes for the hotel’s opening and believes the stay will allow travellers to fall in love with Barbuda like he did a few decades ago.

“This project holds a special place in my heart,” he told T+L. “I want it to be that memorable destination that people come back to year after year.”

Nobu Barbuda (Instagram/@jervezlee._)

Barbuda is a 162-square-kilometre Caribbean island that sits as the lesser-known sister island of the better-known Antigua. Travellers can get to the island via a 90-minute ferry ride or a short charter flight, though there are plans to launch a new international airport.

So, when a hotel is opening from the man who famously said, “There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that I do it,” in Casino, you know a hotel with a bit of pizzazz is on the horizon.

(Featured Image: Barbuda Belle Luxury Beach Hotel – Andre L. Phillip, Courtesy of Barbuda Belle Luxury Beach Hotel)

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