The Eurail incentive Aussie agents can’t miss!

The Eurail incentive Aussie agents can’t miss!
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    International Rail has launched its most recent agent incentive in collaboration with Eurail.

    The incentive is offering Australian agents a $100 Wish Gift Card and New Zealand agents a $100 Visa Prezzy Card, for Eurail pass sales of $1000 or more.

    The promotion, available now, has been timed with the peak selling season for Australian and New Zealand travellers planning their summer European holidays.

    “There is a multitude of Eurail passes that agents can offer their clients, covering all types of travellers, budgets and destinations,” head of product, marketing & innovation, International Rail, Jason Tarabo said.

    Eurail passes can include 10 and 15 days travel over two months, 15 and 22 days continuous travel and one/two/three months continuous travel throughout 33 countries in Europe, including France, Italy, Germany and many more”.

    The promotion will continue until the 60 Wish Gift Cards and Prezzy Card have been given away.

    For detailed information about all Eurail products from International Rail, click HERE.

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