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That’s a wrap: Magellan Travel Group Conference

The Magellan Travel Group’s 2017 conference has wrapped up, however not before the final day of sessions, which saw Magellan members addressed by international guests specializing in the digital marketing space.

Friday’s final sessions saw a considerable focus on the conference theme of Effective Partnerships and facilitating opportunities and platforms for these partnerships to grow.

In the late morning Business Exchange forum, Magellan agency owners sat down with 72 of the company’s Preferred Partners.

2. David Staffort - Magellan Travel Group

David Staffort

Magellan CEO Andrew Macfarlane commented that “this is an invaluable opportunity within the conference agenda for suppliers to meet with Owners and develop a shared plan for the coming year for everything from local marketing to learning and development”.

4. Andrew Jones - Open Forum

Andrew Jones

“We have had fantastic feedback on the nature of the discussion which took place between members and preferred partners in this setting so Business Exchange is now an ongoing fixture at Conference,” Macfarlane said.

The conference sessions for the day wrapped up with Company Secretary, Sam Rotberg giving members a detailed and transparent presentation of the financial results for FY17 and Magellan Manager of Commercial and Operations, David Stafford, presenting a comprehensive report on the Groups Preferred Partners.

Stafford spent time foreshadowing plans to engage more strongly than ever with preferred partners to deliver on effective partnerships including preferred strategy and directional selling.

Simultaneously, Magellan Marketing Manager, Michelle Kerr led a dedicated session for Preferred Partners to outline how they can leverage the new Magellan Member’s Portal and digital marketing platform.

3. Marnie Turner

“Being able to launch easy, effective, and supported digital marketing services which ensure that our members’ individual businesses and brands remain the hero was such a thrill this morning,” Kerr said.

“I could not be more pleased with the enthusiasm that the members have expressed with regard to the digital solutions we have made available to them over the last few days,” she added.

Genesys Email Gurus MD Matt Spicer presented the members with a dedicated Magellan Marketing Dashboard which offers all the components needed to run a successful email marketing program; from the creation of the content itself, to the management of the database & delivery, plus access to support and a friendly helping hand when inspiration or assistance is needed.

Matt Spicer- Genesys Email Gurus

Matt Spicer

“This is an absolute game changer for our independent travel agents as it provides such efficiency whilst ensuring that they have full control of the look, the delivery and their individual brands are always the call to action,” Kerr said.

Kerr went on to comment that “this platform provides extremely sophisticated reporting capabilities and is a win-win for both our members and preferred partners alike.”

Additionally, Gregory Wilshire, Director of Operations from Axus Travel App presented the members with their Digital Itinerary technology.

Gregory Wilshire - Axus Travel App

Gregory Wilshire

Through a host of efficiencies, AXUS allows members to create sleek, branded, printed and mobile itineraries in a fraction of the time they would normally spend creating custom documents.

This platform facilitates a superior level of customer service and engagement in a format which is particularly relevant in our ever-advancing digital world.

These announcements were met with great enthusiasm by members who had been surveyed earlier in the year to determine where there was appetite for additional support, services and tools.

1. Journey By Design at Business Exchange

As is tradition, Magellan finished the last day of conference by facilitating an open forum, inviting questions and discussion with Members on all areas of interest including future plans for the Group.

On Friday evening, the Crown Ballroom at Perth Crown Towers was stunningly transformed to host Magellan’s night of nights. The festivities kicked off with pre-dinner drinks and a fine welcome sponsored by The Travel Corporation. Global CEO of Trafalgar, Gavin Tolman, took to the platform to welcome the 300 members and preferred partners who turned out in their black-tie dress.

The Gala dinner was sponsored by Qantas Airways and The Travel Corporation and in particularly fine style it marked the close of the 2017 Magellan Travel Group’s annual conference.

The event saw individuals from within Magellan member agencies recognised and awarded for their outstanding contribution in various award categories.

Rising Star of the Year

Winner: Co-won by Ash Fabiani from Travel and Chelsey Secker from Angas Travel

Corporate Travel Consultant of the Year

Winner: Christine Keighley from Complete Travel Services

Leisure Travel Consultant of the Year

Winner: Laura Noccioli from Travelrite International

Specialist Consultant of the Year

Winner: Brooke McClune from World Corporate Travel

Espirit des Corps Award

Winner: Fiona Caffrey from Travel Sense

Ash, Chelsey, Christine, Laura, Brooke and Fiona will all enjoy a luxury all expenses paid trip to Dublin which has been generously sponsored by Etihad Airways and which will be personally hosted by Magellan Chairman, Andrew Jones.

As the night drew to a close, considerable care was taken to pay suitable tribute to the recently retired, founding board member of the Magellan Travel Group, Kevin Dale.

Speeches, photo presentations and gifts were all present as Dale’s outstanding contribution to not only the Group, but the industry at large was acknowledged and celebrated.

Macfarlane said, “Kevin will be sorely missed, but I was pleased to announce a standing invitation for him to join us at Conference Galas into the future.”

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2. QF

3. EY

5. Kevin

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