Smartraveller updates India warning amid violent demonstrations

Smartraveller updates India warning amid violent demonstrations
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    The Australian government has updated its warnings for travellers headed to India (in particular the North) following ongoing unrest in the nation.

    Smartraveller’s latest update, posted on 17 August outlines a number of safety measures.

    “Curfews and restrictions continue in parts of Manipur following violent demonstrations, resulting in casualties,” the site reads.

    “Security agencies have increased their presence in the region.

    “Mobile internet services remain suspended, and transport services have been disrupted.

    “Further restrictions may be imposed at short notice.

    “If you’re in Manipur, avoid demonstrations and large public gatherings, follow the advice of local authorities, take official warnings seriously and monitor local media for updates.”

    Clashes have been ongoing in the Manipur region since May this year between two ethnic groups which has seen over 150 deaths and over 50,000 people displaced.

    Conflicts escalated last month when a video surfaced of two women being forced to parade naked around the state and were repeatedly groped.

    The major conflict erupted after the Kukis fought back against a Meitei demand for a status which would allow them to buy land in the Kukis region and take a share of government jobs.

    Tensions between the ethnic Meitei people who live around the capital, Imphal, making up over 50 per cent of the Manipur population and the Kukis and Nagas (tribal, hell dwelling communities) continue to cause unrest becuase of demographic displacement and the protection of minority privileges.


    Smarttraveller has also issues an update following the wildfires on the island of Maui.

    Local authorities recommend visitors leave Maui and are strongly discouraging non-essential travel to Maui. Visitors with plans to stay in West Maui in the coming weeks and months are urged by the Hawaii Tourism Authority to consider rescheduling their travel plans for a later time when the overall situation has improved,” the site reads.

    “Travel to the other Hawaiian Islands, including Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, Lānaʻi, and Hawaiʻi Island, isn’t affected at this time.

    “Contact your airline or travel provider for updates. Monitor local media for updates and follow the advice of local authorities.”

    Featured Image – Indian women torch house of Manipur sex assault suspect. Source: YouTube – The Guardian

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