Rowdy bachelor party arrested, forces plane to reroute

Rowdy bachelor party arrested, forces plane to reroute

What’s the saying, Art imitates life?

Or is it the other way around?

We think in this circumstance, it may be the latter.

A group of rowdy men from the UK attending a bachelor party were dragged off their flight headed for Las Vegas on account of their unsavoury behaviour.

Why does this sound so familiar you ask?

Well, it’s almost identical to the scene from the 2011 smash hit Bridesmaids.

And to be perfectly honest, that makes us pretty darn happy.

giphy (16)

Moving right along.

The men had boarded the Thomas Cook Airlines flight in Manchester UK, and while the plane was originally bound for Sin City, it was forced to make a detour in Winnipeg so the men could be taken off the plane.

In handcuffs, no less.

Speaking to The Winnipeg Sun an airline spokesperson said: “Five disruptive passengers were offloaded [for] mischief and causing a disturbance.”


The men were arrested by Royal Canadian Mountain Police, with one of the accused apparently yelling “F— off you f— scouse c–t” at them while being arrested.

Speaking to the Daily Mail , Krystyna Sczcygiel passenger said: “They had been fighting with each other and lighting a cigarette.”

“Every time they were told to sit down or fasten their seat belts, they just ignored them.”

“Then the other passengers were telling them to be quiet, so they started abusing them. They were warned so many times,” she added.

Watch the video of the arrest here:

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