World Expeditions’ eBiking tour of the Blue Mountains on-track for success

World Expeditions’ eBiking tour of the Blue Mountains on-track for success

Traversing the blue mountains via bicycle seems like a daunting task preserved for those with single-digit percentages of body fat or people preparing for Le Tour de France (though there’s probably quite a bit of overlap between the two).

While the hilly region invites a litany of travellers happy to explore via bus or hiking, cyclists here are typically a more exclusive group.

Coming to the rescue to broaden the scope of travellers who can enjoy cycling the Blue Mountains is World Expeditions, which has unveiled the first-ever eBiking experience of the region with Blue Mountains Adventure Company. And Travel Weekly was lucky enough to get invited to see just how easy and fun it is to view the Blue Mountains on two (somewhat assisted) wheels.

Now, you’ve probably got a few questions about these eBikes. How much assistance do they provide? Am I basically on a slightly less powerful motorbike? Is this thing going to randomly explode underneath me?

Well, fret not because it’s as simple as riding a bike… sort of. The Merida hybrid eBikes that take travellers across the mountains have grippy high-volume tyres designed for urban use, but they can withstand limited use on unsealed gravel surfaces.

Merida hybrid eBikes (Source: Andy Mein)

The ‘e’ in eBike comes from the integrated 630Wh batteries – which basically means travellers are cycling relatively effort-free. And the suspension in the front fork and the seat makes for a smooth ride that won’t leave you with bike bum. 

Of course, no, the bike will not explode beneath you (unless you ride over a land mine or something).

The eBiking kicks off in the heart of Katoomba at the office of Blue Mountains Adventure Company. Experienced guides got the eBikers sorted from the beginning; fitting helmets, matching bikers with bikes, getting hi-vis on and attaining all the necessary amenities one could need in case of anything from pesky rain to a biking emergency.

The guides lead travellers through the relatively flat streets at the start to adjust to the gears, battery assistance and brakes to the first picturesque stop, Cahills Lookout. Hop off the bike and take in the westerly views across the Megalong Valley. Pop down a trail and enjoy the full scope of this historic landmark, teaming with millennia-old formations that never fail to enthral travellers of all walks of life.

View from Cahill’s Lookout (author’s image)

Back on your bike you go and it’s off around the beautiful region to discover what awaits the semi-electronically powered eBikers. Continue the journey along the roads of the Jamison Valley and cycle over to serenity at Katoomba Falls Reserve where a 400-metre walk takes travellers to unmissable lookouts.

Then, for the pièce de résistance of the Blue Mountains, travellers visit a vantage point with the iconic ‘Three Sisters’ perfectly on show. While busy, the stunning rock formation off Echo Point poses perfectly for your next Instagram post, postcard, or just something to enjoy in your day of nature appreciation.

View of the Three Sisters (author’s image)

The next stop awaits at Leura Cascades where the natural beauty of the region emanates over rugged rocks. Unfortunately, Travel Weekly didn’t get a chance to stop in as it was closed, but if you get the chance it’s worth the visit.

Head to Gordon Falls after this for another view of the Three Sisters or enjoy the quaint picnic area, or both!

View from Gordon Falls (author’s image)

Return to the Blue Mountains Adventure Company office to unwind, put your equipment back and take a load off. And if you’re feeling like a cold one, pop over the road to Mountain Culture Beer Co. for a local drop of the good stuff.

While Travel Weekly got to experience this via a local guide, travellers can opt for the self-guided option that leaves them with a bit more personal freedom on their adventure.

If this adventure sounds up your clients’ alley (or your own) then there are two options. Coming in at $185 is the 6-hour Best of the Blue Mountains Cycle, or at $150 for the shorter 4-hour Blue Mountains Explorer Cycle.

And, of course, one of the main selling points of this whole experience is the accessibility of eBiking which makes the daunting cliffs and steeps of the Blue Mountains a breeze. But, don’t go into it thinking you’re essentially on a motorbike. Plenty of peddling awaits the eager travellers, but fret not because you don’t need to be an ironman (or that particularly fit) to tackle these mountains.

Find out more about eBiking the blue mountains here.

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