PHOTOS: Rediscover Travel Group wows agents, suppliers and all at its massive brand relaunch

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    The travel industry gathered together at the Rydges Sydney Central last night to celebrate Rediscover Travel Group’s whopping relaunch.

    With a new new logo and website, as well as the grand revealing of its six product pillars, “the James Bond of travel reservations” (as he was aptly introduced before speaking to the room) Walter Nand gave the attending agents, suppliers, media guests and general travel industry figures the rundown of his company’s fresh coat of paint.

    Nand, whose professional title is general manager and not 007, took to the microphone to reveal Rediscover’s new pillars: Rediscover Unique Cruises, Rediscover City Stays, Rediscover Wellness, Rediscover Resort Breaks, Rediscover Music and Rediscover Theatre.

    Nand highlighted the immense offerings Rediscover had for agents, complemented by speeches from the event’s sponsors and even a performance by Darren Coggan – a Cat Stevens tribute artist.

    Suppliers from the event included Travel South USA, San Fransisco Travel, Le Passage To India, A-ROSA River Cruises, SLC Travel Marketing PR & Representation, Amilla Maldives, Ifuru Island Maldives and more.

    Attendees went in the draw for a litany prizes, from goodie baskets to hotel stays in India and the grand prize of two tickets to see Pink! The night was capped off by a roaring performance of can-can dancers dolled up in French colours.

    Founded by Chris Watson of Chris Watson Travel in Tamworth, Rediscover Australia started out with iconic domestic holidays in 2020. In 2023, Chris teamed up with Walter Nand, who owned Unique Cruises. Unique Cruises was absorbed into the company.

    Check out some photos of the fabulous night at the gallery above!

    (All photos credited to Jay Sweeney at Blacklist Productions)

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