Poopy pup pisses off United Airlines passengers mid-flight

Poopy pup pisses off United Airlines passengers mid-flight

One poopy pooch has made her mark on a United Airlines flight earlier this week, causing passengers on board to become more than displeased.

On board a flight from Denver to Portland on Monday night, a woman’s Chihuahua caused quite the scene. The miniature dog had been inside a crate for most of the flight, but the fussy little one just wasn’t loving the caged life.

She was then let out of the crate while mid-air, but that’s when the pup decided to make its mark (literally and metaphorically). She defecated on the plane, staining the seats and floor, according to TMZ.

As you can imagine, the paying passengers weren’t too pleased with the Chihuahua’s lack of airplane etiquette.

But the problem wasn’t dealt with swiftly, eyewitnesses told Indy100, as it took the cabin crew 10 minutes to clean the mess. Flyers in the immediate area of the scene were offered vouchers worth US$50-$75, according to a statement released by the airline.

“Our inflight crew thoroughly cleaned the area shortly after customers brought this to our attention. We provided sanitising wipes and offered travel vouchers to those in the surrounding area,” United Airlines said.

Needless to say, we doubt this little pup will be let out of her cage at 30,000 feet anytime soon.

But puppies haven’t been the only animals to reek up a plane recently.

Two weeks ago, a gassy passenger on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Austin had such a terrible tummy that he forced the flight to turn around.

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