Rail Europe bolsters high-speed train offerings in Spain via new partnership

Rail Europe bolsters high-speed train offerings in Spain via new partnership
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    Rail Europe and Spanish high-speed rail operator iryo have announced a new partnership that marks a transformative step forward in rail travel across Spain.

    Amid heightened competition, the integration of iryo’s network of high-speed rail services into Rail Europe’s portfolio by 15 April will ensure partners and travellers have access to more routes, destinations, travel times, fares and real-time ticketing options.

    Rail Europe’s CEO and executive chairman of Rail Europe Björn Bender said his team is excited about the future of travel in Spain with this new partnership.

    “By integrating iryo’s extensive rail network onto the Rail Europe platform, we are effectively empowering travellers to explore more of Spain’s rich history, culture and landscapes beyond the major cities, and further encourage the modal shift to travelling by rail,” Bender said.

    Simone Gorini, CEO and general manager at iryo, said the company is excited to join forces with Rail Europe, thereby significantly increasing the company’s reach and distribution.

    “This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing more travellers with convenient access to Spain’s unparalleled high-speed rail network, enabling them to discover the beauty and diversity of our country in a sustainable manner,” Gorini said.

    The Spanish railway market stands as a dynamic arena marked by a liberalised framework, which has facilitated the emergence of new rail providers. This environment not only fosters healthy competition and drives innovation within the industry, but also provides travellers with a better range of options.

    Featured Image L-R: Bjorn Bender CEO Rail Europe with Christian Ley CCO iryo

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