Flatulent flyer stinks up American Airlines flight so bad he forces turnaround

Flatulent flyer stinks up American Airlines flight so bad he forces turnaround
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    Was that a leak in the cockpit? No, it was just one very flatulent flyer.

    A gassy passenger on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Austin had such a terrible tummy that he forced the flight to turn around.

    But the smelly farter’s waft began before the plane had gotten wheels up, according to a viral Reddit post.

    “Before most people had boarded, I observed that this man was audibly disgruntled about something, maybe hungover, rough day idk, but as soon as he sat down he was grumbling about something under his breath, like ‘f — ing hell’ or something,” user lamgalatx wrote.

    Once most passengers had boarded, the man exclaimed: “You thought that was rude? Well how about this smell” – then proceeded to let another one rip.

    “(I don’t know) what provoked that comment, and while kinda funny to overhear, it was uncalled for especially coming from a grown man on an aeroplane nonetheless,” the user wrote.

    But this wasn’t the last of it.

    “The man who just purposefully farted moments ago decides to loudly and condescendingly say ‘Yeah, everybody, let’s just eat the smelliest food possible all at the same time,’” the poster wrote.

    “A guy in the row over replied, ‘If you don’t like it you can fly private’ to which fartman says ‘that’s so f***ing rude,’ and another person nearby chimes in ‘I think we’d all agree you’re the rude one here,’” they added.

    Flight attendants had to intervene and told the big stinker “That’s enough”, according to the New York Post.

    But, while the plane was still taxiing the runway, it came to a stop.

    “An announcement comes over saying ‘Apologies for the interruption but we are returning to the gate, we will give you more info when we have it,’” the user wrote.

    “We get back to the gate and a flight attendant comes back and informs fartman that he will not be staying on this flight. He simply replies, ‘I don’t understand’ and she tells him they’ll talk about it off the plane.”

    The man then proceeded to make his way off the plane, no doubt aided his powerful rear end.

    “We all breathed a sigh of relief when he was removed, I think most ppl were on edge about what he may say or do next. The trip was only delayed by 15-30 minutes, so all in all I think American handled it swiftly,” he added.

    Good to hear that American Airlines didn’t let the stinker hinder it too much.

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