PHOTOS: Visit USA Expo gets off to a roaring start in Melbourne

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    The Visit USA Expo Series 2024 kicked off yesterday with a massive turn out from both agents and exhibitors, marking the first of a three-day series across Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

    Hosted at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, the Expo provided a dynamic setting for more than 230 travel agents to connect with more than 80 US exhibitors.

    The Expo, featuring engaging exhibitions, informative presentations, and a panel discussion on Responsible Tourism, offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and offerings in the US travel industry.

    The evening was hosted by Australian media personality, Mike Goldman, who roved the Expo sharing his enthusiasm for the USA and showered attendees with the incredible prizes generously provided by the exhibitors, including 6 nights in Hawaii with return airfares, and 13 nights in New York City and Hudson Valley with airfares, just to name a few!

    Tom Chidiac, political and economic section chief at the US Consulate General Melbourne, expressed gratitude to the agents for their efforts in promoting the U.S. as a destination and emphasised the importance of their partnership with the travel industry.

    Caroline Davidson, president of Visit USA Australia, commented on the success of the Melbourne Expo, sharing, “This event is more than just an expo; it’s a gateway to the latest trends, insights, and opportunities within the vibrant and ever-changing landscape of US travel. We take pride in hosting this experience, and with the dynamic Mike Goldman as our MC, we delivered an evening filled with inspiration, connections, and unforgettable moments in Melbourne.”

    As the first Expo concluded, travel agents and industry professionals left with a wealth of knowledge and new connections, setting the stage for the subsequent Expos in Brisbane tonight, and in Sydney on Wednesday.

    Featured Image L-R: Caroline Davidson (President of Visit USA Australia), Anna Riedel (New York City Tourism + Conventions), Chris Rosenow (Hudson Yards), Dawn Hopper (New York’s Backyard, Hudson Valley), Robert Turner (Arthouse Hotel NYC), Prizewinner Sue Cousin from It’s All About Travel, Claire Chirouze Ulloa (Summit ONE), Alexandra Rodriguez (Hotel Beacon) and Reginald Charlot (New York City Tourism + Conventions)

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