Midweek Interview

Midweek interview with Back-Roads Touring Co.’s Dylan Hearne

This week, Back-Roads’ regional head of sales spills the beans on why he was kicked out of an industry event and how he conquered his fear of heights.

The challenge for the industry is…

Maintaining relevance and prominence in an industry that is being saturated by a select few brands.

The things I like about my job are…

Inspiring people through life-changing travel experiences each and every day. Working for a unique product like Back-Roads allows me some creative licence in how we position our tours in the market. Launching new destinations is also always exciting, and seeing how trade respond is fantastic.

And the frustrations are …

Systems and technology. I think everyone wants the perfect reservations system, and a fully integrated CRM, with no faults, but this just drives our development teams to strive for more every day.

If I didn’t work in travel, I would be…

A chef! I find it absolutely therapeutic being in the kitchen, and there is nothing better than cooking that perfect dish to balance out the good, bad and ugly of ‘those days’.

My favourite airline is…

Virgin Australia.

My proudest moment was…

When I asked the lady fo my dreams to marry me…. And she actually said yes! Work-wise, it would be having the opportunity to work with a close colleague again – that rates pretty highly too.

The naughtiest thing I ever did was…

Over indulgence at some industry events, and perhaps being politely asked to leave the premises… (although I still thanked them for their hospitality and shook their hand…)

I try to relax by…

Couch surfing, playing with my big woofa – Frankie the Groodle – and cooking.

The last time I feared for my life was…

On a famil in New Zealand. Being the host, I felt the pressure to face my fear of heights on “The Nevis Swing” in Queenstown… who the hell invented that?!

If I can, I always try to avoid…

Paying for fines…. I always challenge them where I can.

I really wish I had…

Ford Ranger XLT – but the wife says no…

The best advice I’ve ever received was…

Try to make every interaction you have with someone memorable.

I don’t understand why people…

Think that being overbearing and aggressive will create an outcome of positivity, rather than trying to work cooperatively to reach a suitable solution that works for everyone.

My greatest weakness is…

Coffee… I live for it.

And my greatest strength is…

My community of friends, family and colleagues….

If I won a $1 million lottery (aside from travelling), I would…

Closeout my debt and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

If I was prime minister, I would…

Give half of Garden Island to the local Cruise Industry to grow and flourish… Why do we need the Navy in Woolloomooloo?

If I could be someone else for one day, I would be…

My wife…. To see how annoying/perfect I am 😊.

I’ve always wanted to travel to…


My favourite holiday was…

The Canadian Rockies. I simply love Banff!


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