How to win at The Travel Awards

How to win at The Travel Awards

For those living under a rock, the travel industry’s most avidly pursued awards program is back bigger and better than ever in 2019!

Organised by Travel Weekly, part of The Misfits Media Company, in association with media partner Better Homes and Gardens and principal partner Crystal, The Travel Awards are designed to celebrate wholesalers, destinations, airlines, tourism boards, cruise lines, retailers and the myriad of other companies that make the travel industry so amazing.

This year, the Travel Awards will be held on Friday 29 November at The Venue Alexandria in Sydney, marking the perfect time to celebrate a year of hard work and to recharge your batteries for another year ahead.

Click HERE to secure your spot at the awards and take advantage of the early bird ticket special! The dress code for the sit-down-dinner affair is black tie.

And for those keen on entering this year’s awards (you can get started on your submission/s HERE, and read up on all the key dates HERE), below are 10 handy tips on how to win a shiny gong on the night:

  1. Enter the right category

Read the entry criteria slowly and carefully. Then re-read the entry criteria to ensure you have the right category (details on all 37 categories for this year’s awards can be found HERE). Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this mistake is made, and it could cost you the gong! Don’t get the intern to submit the entry on deadline, or a river cruise line could end up entering the Ocean Cruise Line of the Year category (*take note – there’s a difference).

  1. Remember who is judging

The Travel Awards are judged by more than 50 of Australia’s most experienced travel industry alumni and experts from the marketing sector. Your competitor isn’t looking at your financial results, and all judges sign non-disclosure agreements anyway, so don’t leave anything out! It could be the difference between winning and not. This is your chance to showcase your very best in front of future and present clients.

  1. Presentation is everything

We obviously instruct our judges to assess the content of the entries, but if you’re a travel agency that submits a university dissertation-type document, you’re immediately on the back foot!

  1. Action speaks louder than words

We can guarantee that every company will say that diversity and sustainability are huge priorities within their business, but what are you doing about it? Impressive entries have impressive policies and have taken real positive action within their company. And it’s not something just the HR person knows about – it’s evident that it’s directed by the very top brass.

  1. Effectiveness matters

All categories have an element of effectiveness in the criteria. Don’t brush over the results, or worse, pull the figures out of nowhere. We will be randomly auditing entries so, just like this year’s tax return, now is not the time to fudge your numbers. Our judges are notoriously good at smelling sh*t.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Make sure your entry is both succinct and engaging at the same time. Judges often have 40 entries to read through and you want to grab their attention! Ensure that you answer the question in each section. Make your case why ‘you’ and only ‘you’ should win.

  1. Get the whole team involved

They may think of something you haven’t to make your entry complete. Not only is it a massive morale booster, you might get some constructive feedback or a gem you hadn’t thought of.

  1. Use your time wisely

Every now and then, hop back into the portal and review your entry. Sometimes allowing a little time to pass then re-reading will trigger a new thought process and lead to an improved set of answers. Allow enough time to complete your entry properly. Rushing at the last minute increases the risk of introducing errors.

  1. Be authentic

Don’t be afraid to admit failure where relevant. Sometimes demonstrating how you overcame a setback and thrived can show how strong and successful your company or team is.

  1. Get ya skates on!

What are you waiting for? Time to get started.

Best of luck to those entering The Travel Awards 2019, and kudos to all the sponsors for this year’s event, which you can check out below…


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