Greyhound gets business-class upgrade on Sydney-to-Italy flight

Greyhound gets business-class upgrade on Sydney-to-Italy flight

Dreaming of heading to Europe in the comfort of a business-class cabin? Find solace in knowing that an extremely good boy recently got a taste of the experience we’re all craving.

Meet Lewis the greyhound.

Image source: Facebook/greytgreysrescue

This sweet canine recently moved from Sydney to Italy with his owner and was treated to a very special experience.

According to Greyt Greys Rescue, the Victorian-based charity greyhound rescue charity that helped Lewis find his forever home, his “mum” saved up to book herself a business-class seat for the long flight.

In a Facebook post, the charity said Singapore Airlines let Lewis fly in the cabin instead of the cargo hold as the flight was almost empty.

“Lewis made himself at home and was fine for the flights! No crying and no accidents. The flight crew said he was the best dog they’ve EVER had including fully-trained service dogs,” Greyt Greys Rescue said.

The furry little friend even got to celebrate his birthday during the flight and was given cupcakes and other treats by the flight’s cabin crew.

Image source: Facebook/greytgreysrescue

Many dog lovers commented on the charity’s post praising Singapore Airlines for giving Lewis such a special experience.

“Thank you Singapore Airlines for showing such warmth towards this sweet boy and his mum!” Facebook user Danica Jenkins said.

“I too have been looking into moving overseas with my greyhound and would even be happy to pay extra if it meant I was able to fly with my girl in the cabin. I hope this is something you might continue to do offer, if so, you have a new customer for life.

Singapore Airlines thank you so much! from all us greyhound owners. Our new preferred airline,” added Trish ONeil.

This isn’t the first time a furbaby has been treated to the business class experience, though.

In January 2020 Coco the rabbit was given her own seat in business class after the cabin crew informed her owner that the seat next to her would be empty.

And let’s not forget the unlucky passenger who lost almost 400,000 airline miles after he snuck his overweight cat into the business-class cabin of an Aeroflot flight back in November 2019.

Here’s a bonus picture of Lewis having a mid-fight snooze:

Image source: Facebook/greytgreysrescue

Featured image source: Facebook/greytgreysrescue

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