Costa Cruceros cleans up at the Excellence Cruise Awards

Costa Cruceros cleans up at the Excellence Cruise Awards

The cruise industry once again dressed up for the 16th edition of the Excellence Cruise Awards, the first and only specialised awards for the industry in Spain.

Thus, for the seventh consecutive year, Costa Cruceros received three awards.

This year Costa Cruceros has reinforced its offer and relaunched a new way of travelling for Spaniards, giving priority to attention in Spanish language, local gastronomy and the entertainment that local consumers enjoy the most. All of this is in line with Costa’s solid commitment to even more sustainable development.

“We are honoured and proud to receive these awards, as they confirm that we are heading in the right direction and that the future of our industry is marked by excellence in service and sustainable development,” said Luigi Stefanelli, general manager of Costa Cruises for Spain, France and Portugal.

“These awards encourage us to continue working and offering a completely new and personalised way of experiencing cruising and discovering unique destinations around the world”.

Thanks to this commitment to product innovation and responsible development, the Italian cruise company has been granted three Excellence Awards: “Best Cruise Line for a First Cruise”, “Best Value for Money”, and “Excellence in Sustainability”.

“Best Cruise Line for a First Cruise”: Costa Cruceros said it is worth highlighting the reinforcement of “Sabor Español”, where the cruise company has developed a travel experience in which Spanish guests are attended to in their own language, have a variety of traditional gastronomic creations, and entertainment by famous Spanish comedians.

Best value for money”: The cruise line highlighted the way it values the product so that the benefit perceived by the consumer is the highest possible, with an innovative product and the highest quality standards. Thus, the Italian company bases its offer on excellence and on creating a unique experience for its customers both on board and on land thanks to elements that combine both high quality gastronomy and longer excursions to discover the “hidden gems” of the destinations it visits.

“Excellence in Sustainability”: This award recognises Costa Cruises’ continuous efforts towards sustainable development and collaboration with the communities in which it operates, and specifically rewards two distinct high-impact projects:

  • On one hand, the resumption of its food donation project to the Food Bank of Barcelona after the pandemic, applying principles of circular economy to the food prepared and not served on board. This is part of the Costa’s wider Food Assistance Program which, since its inception, has distributed over 1.1 million meals to people in need in 15 destinations welcoming our ships.
  • On the other hand, the financial support of the Costa Crociere Foundation to Angel Leon’s marine grain cultivation project. A “superfood” with great nutritional properties, which could become the “food of the future” for large parts of the planet.

Additionally, in this edition of the Cruise Excellence Awards, the Terminal in the Port of Tenerife operated by Santa Cruz Terminalhas also obtained a plaque of recognition from the Port Authority of Tenerife, host of this year’s event.

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