Check out Glasgow’s hilarious sustainable travel solution: piggyback tours

A young woman in sunglasses gives a young man a piggyback ride along the river in Amsterdam. Another young man carrying a camera walks behind them smiling.

If you or your clients fancy a sight-seeing tour around the Scottish city but find hop-on-hop-off tours a bit naff, we’ve got just the thing!

An advertisement has appeared in Glasgow spruiking a new mode of sustainable transport for tourists: piggyback tours.

According to a flyer taped to a lamppost in the city, Glasgow Piggyback Tours offers “friendly, clean carriers that come to you”.

You can “hop on and off at your leisure” and it’s “greener AND faster than the bus”.

Sounds good to us!

A picture of the flyer was picked up by Glasgow Live after Twitter user Jennifer Robertson posted it to the platform on 21 August.

“An interesting alternative to the bus, available in Glasgow according to this ad!” Robertson captioned the flyer, which features a picture of a woman being piggybacked by a man outside Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art.

However, it appears the new service may be too good to be true.

A note at the bottom of the flyer reads: “All enquiries to @themisfortuneteller” which appears to be the Instagram account of a local artist who provides “dark therapy” in the form of fortune-telling that promises to “deliver the sweet sting of truth”.

Themisfortuneteller’s website, which is linked on their Instagram account, offers the macabre divinatory readings at events and functions as well as selling prints.

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“It started out as a bit of fun for me,” the man behind the magic told Travel Weekly.

“I put up posters for fake businesses all around east London, and refashioned ‘London Piggyback Tours’ for Glasgow, as we are hosting COP26 in November and I thought I’d claim the space.

“It’s gotten such good responses that I think I’d like to do it for real though, with a few hulking rugby lads to do the carrying. Video the whole thing. Think that could be hilarious.”

Featured image source: iStock/SolStock

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