British man ‘tailgates’ his way onto a flight to NYC without passport or ticket

Heathrow Airport. UK- 08.08.2021: the UK Borders  in Terminal 5 with arriving internation travel passengers waiting for immigration control and passport check.
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    A British man has allegedly flown from London to New York without a passport or ticket by following closely behind paying customers before his journey was cut short by U.S border force.

    46-year-old Craig Sturt ‘tailgated’ his way through Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 without showing any documents before boarding a British Airways flight to New York where he found a free seat and enjoyed the full treatment on board.

    After being stopped and questioned by U.S border forces, Sturt was unable to produce a passport and was sent back to England on a charter flight, landing on Christmas day.

    It is understood the man was arrested on arrival before being sectioned and taken to a psychiatric hospital in Reading.

    A Met Police spokesperson said, “Craig Sturt, 46. was arrested at around 20:00 hrs on 25 December 2023 having arrived in London on a flight from New York.”

    “He was charged with obtaining services by deception; being unlawfully airside and boarding an aircraft without permission and remanded to appear at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court.

    “He failed to appear for a subsequent hearing on 22 January at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court.

    “At around 08:00 hrs on Monday, 12 February, Craig Sturt was arrested in Richmond for failing to appear at court. He has been taken into custody at a London police station.”

    Both Heathrow Airport and British Airways are working internally and with authorities to get to the bottom of how Mr Sturt was able to sneak onto the flight.

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