Australian adult entertainer removed from flight over comments about George Floyd protests

Australian adult entertainer removed from flight over comments about George Floyd protests

An Aussie adult entertainer claims she was removed from her United Airlines flight by police after commenting on the ongoing George Floyd protests in the United States.

Elle Knox, 28, revealed on Twitter that she had flown with the American carrier from Houston to San Francisco, where she was due to catch a flight home to Sydney on Wednesday.

However, when her flight landed, Knox said she addressed her flight’s cabin of 300 people about the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, which has ignited protests against police brutality throughout the United States and around the world.

“I stood up and said, ‘This isn’t my country, I’m an Australian. But I’ve noticed your democracy being threatened. Do not be complacent. Decide what side of history you’d like to be on’,” Knox told her followers on Twitter.

“Now police are coming.”

Knox said she was told “I couldn’t make a political statement on a United Airline”, but she said her declaration “was a human rights statement”.

“I’ve been told I scared people when I made the announcement!” Knox wrote on Twitter.

“Even though everyone applauded me when I was escorted off. If I stood up and asked people to wish my friend a happy birthday this wouldn’t be an issue.”

After much debate, Knox confirmed she would be allowed to travel to Sydney after reportedly being questioned by police and security who, she claimed, had threatened to prevent her flight home.

Knox is now urging her followers to speak-up on the George Floyd protests and police brutality in the United States.

“I had a chance for 300-plus people to hear what I had to say and I took it,” she said. “Be the change.”

In a statement, United Airlines confirmed the incident.

“United flight 1853 from Houston to San Francisco on June 1 was met by law enforcement after a customer failed to follow crew instructions during landing,” a spokesperson from the airline told Travel Weekly.

“The flight landed safely and all other customers deplaned as normal.”

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