Aussies’ top holiday destinations revealed

Woman enjoying sunrise from a top of mountain Batur, Bali, Indonesia.
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    Indonesia is just the ticket when it comes to top international holiday spots for Aussies, followed by the USA and New Zealand, Bupa Travel Insurance data reveals.

    Suitcases are also being packed for long-haul flights to the UK, along with closer, more tropical destinations, Thailand, and Fiji, to soak up the sun.

    The travel insurance data, based on Bupa customers’ travel cover, also reveals lost luggage and lost or stolen personal items are among most frequently claimed items, followed by medical and hospital expenses and claims associated with interrupted travels plans including, travel delays, alternative transport, cancellation fees and lost deposits.

    Top 10 Holiday Spots

    1. Indonesia
    2. United States Of America
    3. New Zealand
    4. United Kingdom
    5. Australia
    6. Thailand
    7. Fiji
    8. Singapore
    9. Japan
    10. Philippines

    Affordability and the party islands in Indonesia, like Bali, make it a top holiday hotspot for some of those aged under 20 while those aged between 40 and 50 are opting to relax in Fiji and Thailand.

    But the data also shows Aussies continue to enjoy exploring their own backyard with Australia coming in fifth of countries visited.

    The 21-25 age group are the most frequent flyers to the USA for its bright lights and Hollywood appeal, while Japan and the Philippines are most popular for those aged 56-65.

    Bupa General Insurance General Manager Shannon Orbons said the data showed Aussies of all ages were keen to explore the world and travel, especially after not being able to during the pandemic.

    “When you’re on holidays sunning yourself on a beach, walking through New York City or skiing your way through New Zealand, your travel insurance can be just as important as your passport as it can cover you for those unexpected moments,” he said.

    “While we often think ‘that won’t happen to me’, holidays don’t always go according to plan with cancelled or delayed flights, lost baggage, or even a car or motorbike accident that may put you in an international hospital.”

    Mr Orbons said medical cover was one of the main reasons people took out travel insurance as the Federal Government does not cover overseas medical bills.

    “When you’re on holiday, you want peace of mind you’re covered when something goes wrong, and not left with a hospital bill of up to tens of thousands of dollars,” he said.

    The travel data also shows that currently, holidays between six to 10 days were most common followed by two-week vacations, and most people took out travel insurance two weeks before flying out or even just the day before.

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