TCF replacement plan starts to take shape

TCF replacement plan starts to take shape
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Australian Federation of Travel Agents chief executive Jayson Westbury has congratulated consumer affairs officials for drafting a new plan for the regulation of travel agents, saying its recommendations point to a “more future proof and appropriate” framework.

The Policy and Research Advisory Committee of the Council of Consumer Affairs Officials of Australian and New Zealand (CAANZ) yesterday released a consultation draft of the Travel Industry Transition Plan (TITP), which recommends the repeal of travel agent legislation and the winding up of the Travel Compensation Fund.

Stakeholders have been invited to comment on the plan which also suggests a greater reliance on generic consumer protection legislation, alignment with tourism policy and the possible introduction of voluntary industry accreditation.

“After what has been the best part of four years of review, we finally have a clear plan for how the travel industry can make a transition from the current expensive and over burdensome national scheme to a more future proof and appropriate framework for the regulation of travel agents,” Westbury said.

“The plan will ensure that the most appropriate and robust structure for the future can be developed which will deliver for consumers, travel agents and the governments of Australia.”

AFTA will commission KPMG to assist them in preparing a “detailed and specific” response to the draft plan, with submissions to be provided to the chair of the committee by October 1.

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