Sydney among most expensive cities in the world

Sydney among most expensive cities in the world
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Sydney has joined the ranks of some of the most expensive cities in the world when it comes to an evening out on the town for two and an overnight stay.

According to TripAdvisor’s annual cost comparison study TripIndex Cities, Europe continues to top the list for the most expensive cities, with Asia still offering more affordable holiday options.

Falling in at tenth place, a night out in Sydney with an overnight hotel stay will set you back an average of $404.

While a 4 or 4.5 star hotel in Sydney is more reasonably priced than the likes of London and New York at $211, Sydneysiders are hit hard when it comes to a meal, taking third place for most exorbitant dinner behind Stockholm and Oslo.

If you’re looking to enjoy a two course meal and a bottle of wine for two in Sydney, expect to fork out around $140.

On the flip side, for travellers looking for a slightly less expensive getaway, Hanoi has taken out top spot as the cheapest city for an evening venture.

At just $165, travellers can enjoy two cocktails, a meal for two with wine, a round trip in a taxi and a 4-4.5 star hotel room. Jakarta, Bangkok, Cape Town and Prague were among the remaining top ten cheapest in this category worldwide.

TripAdvisor spokesperson, Scott Wegener says that while the trend of European cities being more expensive continues, there are a few cities that are shaking things up.

“Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Czech Republic seem to be bucking this trend so may serve as the alternative places for Australian travellers looking for a city break in Europe,” he said.

With Sweden and Oslo the most expensive destinations for a bite to eat, it seems Scandinavia is holding onto the title of world’s swankiest holiday spots.

For the average cost of an evening meal for two with wine in Stockholm ($184.39), you can have dinner for two with wine plus cocktails, cab fare, and a night in a four star hotel in Hanoi, and still have change leftover.


New York City, where an evening out costs $540.40.


Sydney, where an evening out costs $404.17.


Hanoi, the cheapest city for a night out at $164.85.


Bangkok, with another evening saving at $174.81.

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