Main roads blocked as Hong Kong protests intensifies

Main roads blocked as Hong Kong protests intensifies
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Hong Kong's riot police have fired tear gas onto pro-democracy crowds in the city overnight injuring at least 38, in a bid to quell spreading unrest led by tens of thousands of protesters.

Thousands descended upon Connaught Road yesterday, a major street in Hong Kong, and remain camped out around government buildings overnight in the city’s central financial district, with many erecting barricades causing road blockages, according to various news reports.

According to official reports, public transport and emergency services are being “seriously affected” but police are attempting to urge protesters to re-open roads to vehicles ahead of Monday morning rush-hour.

However, as a sign of the protests spreading across the city overnight, 3000 people now have blocked a major road across the bay in Mong Kok, while crowds of up to 1000 are facing a line of riot police in the busy shopping district of Causeway Bay.

Police issued a statement urging protesters to "stay calm, stop charging police cordon lines and occupying the main roads".

It is believed protesters are angry as a result of news that the Chinese government plans to assess candidates in Hong Kong’s 2017 elections.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong's chief executive quelled rumours that the Chinese army might intervene to deal with the protests.

"I hope the public will keep calm. Don't be misled by the rumours," CY Leung said.

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