Brochure revamp for Helen Wong

Brochure revamp for Helen Wong
By admin

Helen Wong's Tours has added a series of quick response (QR) codes to its 2013-2014 brochure, enabling smartphone users to watch video coverage of areas featured in its programs.

By scanning the code with a suitable device, customers can access maps, videos, music and commentary designed to assist the decision-making process.

"By adding quick response codes, we are able to offer virtual tours of the regions for smartphone owners who have the application," managing director and founder Helen Wong said.

"It's simple, fun and easy to capture, and provides interested customers the chance to see firsthand many of the cities featured in the various itineraries."

In addition, the China and Vietnam specialist said the new brochure is "easier to navigate and clearer to read", and features additional product such as the 15-day Mystical China tour priced from $5060 per person.

"We are going through exciting times as we prepare for the company's 26th year of organising tours to China from Australia and to have such a function as the QR application highlights that," Wong said.

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